Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cambria's Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach is what most people associate with Cambria and certainly this nearly mile long boardwalk on the bluffs with occasional beach access is ideal for strolling. 
The Low Bluffs along Moonstone Beach
This has long been one of my favorite spots, and is also wheelchair accessible. Park anywhere along the beach side of Moonstone Drive, it’s all free, and you begin to walk. This is a more rugged beach, less flat sand and more washed up wood, seaweed and yes, moonstones. At high tide there’s little to no room to walk on the beach, but at low tide there is ample room to tide pool, watch the otters and the seals, ocassionally whales, and sit on the wood benches along the boardwalk. These benches were all made by locals, carved, sanded and placed here, each with a different feel and look to them. And there is a dedicated group of locals who keep the area clean, so please dispose of your trash properly. If you look closely you’ll find some not exactly hidden places to sit, but areas removed from the boardwalk where you can rest, or simply watch the waves and wildlife, or just bask in the sun and listen to the waves.

You’ll also notice, actually you can’t help but notice, the ground squirrels who pop out from under the boardwalk hoping you’ll give them food. Feeding them is frowned upon, but they are adventurous, curious and rather unintimidated. Ocasionally surfers dot the waves, but usually it's the pelicans and cormorants who rule here. Though hotels claim the other side of the road, there are no public facilities here. The closest are at Leffingwell landing at the north end of Moontone Drive.
Plan on spending some time here. Once you arrive, it will be hard to leave.
The Sunset at Moonstone Beach

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